The Particular Examen

Start of day

I resolve 
Upon rising, I firmly resolve to carefully practice my particular desire today.

During the day

I Mark       
I mark each experience of my desire with a simple, symbolic action.


End of day

1. I ask for help
I ask God to help me see clearly in my review.

2. I review
I review the day to see how God has been working in my particular desire.

3. I compare
I compare hour by hour, day by day, week by week, my progress in my desire.

4. I  resolve  
I firmly resolve to act with my desire tomorrow.

Our Father.


Suggested Prayer time: 10-15 min: Help 3 min.  Review 3 min.  Compare 3-8 min.  Resolve 1 min.

The Particular Examen focuses on a particular desire. It may be any desire you have directed to good or the service of others. You  might choose to pray this examen if you have a particular desire but have never known a way to nourish it or bring it into action.

Sometimes a particular desire is revealed through its opposite; for instance, you may notice a destructive pattern of selfishness in a certain relationship, and now the desire arises in you to practice generosity in that relationship.

Whatever desire you decide to practice daily through this exercise, allow God to give you divine strength for it and complete what you are doing. Put the results into God’s hands.

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