The Healing Examen

1. I Give Thanks  
After reading the prayer text, I stand before Jesus. He lays his hands on me. I sift the month with gratitude for times I have received or given healing.


2. I ask for help
I ask the Spirit to refresh, anoint, and heal me.


3. I review           
I move through the last month, day by day:

1. Where am I blind, deaf, dumb, or living a half life?
Have I blinded or stolen the voice of another?

2. Where am I paralyzed by illness, a life situation, sinfulness, or fear?
Have I paralyzed another?

3. Where am I tormented by demons, hurting myself?
Have I demonized another?

4. Where am I dead, drained, grieving, or entombed?
Have I taken life from another?


4. I   respond  
In God’s healing love, I humbly express my particular need, as revealed above.


5. I  resolve     
I resolve to seek healing through one or more of the following paths:

1. To adjust my lifestyle, see a counselor or spiritual director, or deepen my personal, family, and church relationships, so that the Lord may heal me through them.

2. To bring my wounds to Jesus in prayer, that he may clean, heal, and give them new meaning.

3. To take any needed healing action, for myself or others I have hurt.

4. To receive the sacrament of healing now, and monthly if possible.

5. To make, working with the Spirit, one small act of healing next month.


Suggested Prayer time: As needed.

The steps and questions of the powerful Healing Examen are self evident. They are shaped by the healing events of Jesus the healer in the Gospels.

The key to this exercise is that you spend more time of those questions or points that are useful and engaging for you and less time on those points that are not. In other words, spend more time on those questions or actions closest to your need.

The heart of the exercise is to simply and humbly ask for healing.

Note the last step, is there a small but real way in which you can be a healer of others?

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