The FSE Exercise Numbering


Retreat –  Inner Peace in Divine Love


Ex Number     Week 1

1     I remember being loved.

2     I remember being loved and grateful.

3     I remember being loved & responding.

4     I remember a loving friendship.

5     Action in memory of love


Week 2

6     I abide in the love of Jesus.

7     I dwell in the love of the Father.

8     I remain in the love of the Spirit.

9     Inseparable from God’s love

10     Action in union with love


Week 3

11      I remember the gifts I have received.

12     I see how God dwells in creation.

13     I see how God dwells in me.

14     I see how God works in creation and me.

15     Reconciliation Examen

16     Action in gratitude of love


Week 4

17      Every gift descends like the sun’s rays.

18     Every gift flows like water.

19     Give me only the grace to love you

20     Awareness Examen

21     Program for Life

22     Action in peace with love

Retreat –  Inner Peace in Darkness and Light


Ex Number     Week 1

23      Inner peace

24     Re-creation

25     Encouragement

26     Harmony

27     Particular Examen

28     Memory of water


Week 2

29     Father at work in the world

30     Spirit at work in my weakness

31     Light and darkness

32     Jesus at work in tender love

15     Reconciliation Examen

33     Feast for a celebration


Week 3

34     Ephphatha! Be opened!

35     Stand up and walk!

36     Tormenting demon, come out!

37     Talitha cum, rise!

38     Healing Examen

39     Sabbath for setting free


Week 4

40     Praise

41     Reverence

42     Service

43     Foundation for Life

21     Program for Life

20     Awareness Examen

44     Being a light of the world

Retreat –  Inner Peace in Friendship with Jesus


Ex Number    Week 1

45     The Spirit hovers over creation.

46     The Father raises life in the universe.

47     The Son is born Homo sapiens.

48     I am born in the image of God.

20     Awareness Examen

49     I desire divine relationship.


Week 2

50     Jesus shows me how friends accept.

51     Jesus shows me how friends receive.

52     Jesus shows me how friends share.

53     Jesus shows me how friends heal.

38     Healing Examen

54     I desire divine life.


Week 3

55     Jesus shows me how friends listen.

56     Jesus shows me how friends forgive.

57     Jesus shows me how friends work.

58     Jesus shows me how friends love.

15      Reconciliation Examen

59     I desire divine intimacy.


Week 4

60     The Father raises my friend to life.

61     The Spirit hovers over friends of Jesus.

62     The Son calls his friends home.

21     Program for Life.

27     Particular Examen.

63     I desire divine friendship.

Retreat –  Inner Peace in Service of God


Ex Number    Week 1

20     Awareness Examen

64     Delight and meaning in the Father

65     Delight and meaning in Mary

66     Delight and meaning in my faith

67     Food in the Body of Christ


Week 2

68     Breathing in the Father

69     Breathing in the Soul of Christ

70     Breathing in the Spirit

71     Breathing in the Creator

72     Life in the Body of Christ


Week 3

27     Particular Examen

73     Progress through new commandments

74     Progress through the Beatitudes

75     Progress through the virtues

15     Reconciliation Examen

76     Ligament in the Body of Christ


Week 4

77     Progress through the fruits of the Spirit

78     Progress through the fruits of the Spirit

79     Progress through the gifts of the body

80     Progress through the body works of mercy

81     Progress through the spiritual works of mercy

21     Program for Life

82     Service in the Body of Christ


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