The Three Needs of the FSE Receiver

From the beginning of giving his exercises, Ignatius intended them to serve three needs:

1. To give the receiver the desired retreat or exercises.

2. To provide the receiver with exercises that can easily be used after the retreat.

3. To teach your receiver how to these exercises to others.

This is the ripple effect of the First Spiritual Exercises. Each receiver becomes a giver in some manner.

And many people, like yourself, spread out into the community, giving the FSE retreats across all sorts of boundaries and renewing lives. This is the dream and energy of the First Spiritual Exercises.

Here are three things that may free you from any initial anxiety you may have as a giver:

1. All you need do is give the exercise. Your receiver pours her or his life into it.

2. The effect of the FSE is with God and your receiver. It is not in your hands.

3. You will not be alone.

You have the Spirit of God giving with you, and hopefully a partner or mentor to help you give your first exercises. It is a working rule that the FSE is always given by two people working in pairs, and if possible, those pairs working in small teams. See the value of two here.