The FSE Cloud Forecast


A three phase plan for growing our dream

Phase 1 – Community


1. To create a open international community of FSE givers for mutual support and help.

2. To create a Welcome Centre for new members and spirituality explorers.

3. To provide an Introduction to the FSE and other explanation units for the community.

4. To create Spiritual Conversation Groups where people can meet.

5. To create a personal space for community members.

6. To create a set of Golden Rules for conversation and relationships in the community.

7. To set out the Responsibilities of Givers of the FSE.

8. To set up a Donation gateway to keep the FSE and Cloud free for everyone.

Phase 2 – Exercises


1. To make freely available FSE taster exercises.

2. To make text forms of the FSE retreats available each month.

3. To make audio forms of the FSE available.

4. To make video forms of the FSE available.

5. To create and build an FSE Insiders List to share new resources via email.

6. To outline realistic Support Nets for giving the FSE.

7. To write a Code of Ethics for giving the FSE.

8. To create a FSE Timeline for Givers to record their retreat or FSE event.

Phase 3 – Training


1. To create and build a FSE School of How for Givers of the FSE.

2. To create and build a FSE Community School using the experience of FSE Givers and Mentors.

3. To create and build a FSE Art and Craft Studio to teach the art of giving exercises and the craft of guiding spiritual conversation.

4. To create a FSE Training Gym to give formal online training courses.

5. To create a FSE Observatory to give training in discernment.

6. To connect with Ignatian Spirituality trainers and schools on the ground, and connect them with each other in the Cloud.

7. To mentor new FSE Training Teams or isolated FSE Trainers.